May 21, 2015

How The Theatre Is Food For The Soul

It's comforting to know that no matter where life takes us, the theatre will always be there ready to welcome with open arms.

Coming close to a decade of ties with the club I can safely say you never really leave the theatre. It was almost automatic on my visit last week to find something to do. There always is.

Having a few familiar faces greet you is a bonus. They are the friends who started out as mentors and are now partners.

For a brief moment the rush of everyday life receded from view as the four walls of the blackbox encloses you into a world devoid of time and space. It's really quite special. There's only you the audience and the performance on stage. No other distractions to take you out from the magic of theatre.

May 04, 2015

Quit Being All Over The Place

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

You got to know this. And you got to know this right. There's just way too many things out there vying for your limited attention. You don't have all the time in the world to worry about these things all at once. It's just not humanly possible.

Instead, you have to consider single-tasking and take things slow. Narrow your focus on a few things you're good at. Remember, this is not the same as giving up the gun. You're maximising your time by spending every moment doing the thing you're exceptionally good that. Leave it to the bodybuilders to worry about having ripped torsos, let influencers mind their filtered feeds and the same goes for everything else.

You might not want to admit it right now, but you already know a couple of things you're good at. You're just afraid to say it. You're afraid of the "What if that doesn't work out?" when instead you should worry about the "What if this is it?". No one in any strategic manoeuvre would venture putting all their eggs in the same basket. But when you vote for comfort over risk, you essentially close off another dimension of opportunity that awaits. Then comes the barrage of "What ifs" that will plague you incessantly.

There's no time to waste trying to be all over the place. Get away from all the noise and look deep within for the answer is there in plain sight. It always was.

May 03, 2015

To Catch A Birthday Boy

I spent the Labour Day holiday living out scenes from the movie Taken. It was the 21st birthday of a close friend and a couple of us guys came together to stage a surprise kidnap. After a ton of discussion and careful planning between different chat groups we managed to pull it off. 

It was a whole lot of fun seeing familiar faces after a long absence and everybody was on the ball as the operation played out. Our actual plan had escalated far beyond our initial harmless ideas but it was all worth it. The amount of coordination while remaining as quiet as possible so as to not raise suspicion of our dear friend was intense. In the end, we pulled off one hell of a surprise and I couldn't be happier for that.

April 27, 2015

Earning Your Keep

This month has been filled with so much light and love. I'll never stop asking myself what have I done to deserve the company of such fine friends. Turning a year older has brought about an unexpected wave of emotions but with friends like these I know I'll do fine.

April 18, 2015

Standing At The Door Of Self-Discovery

Where the air is cold, the feelings are old.

With each passing birthday I find myself worrying again over things that have passed and are to come. A part of me wants to believe that this could all just be a passing moment of stress-induced panic but I realize it's more to do with the fear that I'm constantly about to fall over the edge of a precipice.

It's hard for me to come to terms with the amount of love and care I've been showered with this week. While I had my fair share of surprise party conspiracy theories, nothing prepared me for the real surprises that came from friends who were unnecessarily sweet.

I'm always reminded to treasure the times I get to be with the people I love because those moments are precious and few. But to that end it also presents downsides in that I obsess over the mere possibility of not ever fully maximizing every opprtunity for interaction that comes my way. This could also very well be just me beating myself up over nothing but one can only guess.

Adding to this inability to fanthom people's kindness is the nagging reminders I get from time to time that I'm not enough. I've mastered the art of dispensing advice but I have yet to truly get them down pat. It's an ever-present hazard when the culture we consume presents us with unattainable ideals. At some point I end up looking back at myself in the mirror, not liking what I see, then realize it's a fruitless endeavor and learn to accept that it really is as good as it gets. Life continues on the spin cycle.

The perpetual fear of having the rug pulled from right under my feet surely can't be a healthy thing. Be that as it may, it has served me well in terms of a consistent work ethic that keeps me on my game. Call it a white flag of defeat or a better sense of maturity that comes with age, but I've learned to be happy by focussing on what I have instead of what I don't. I'm still learning but it has proved immensely useful in putting my stray thoughts into perspective.

To tie a neat bow over this assemblage of thoughts on turning a year older, I would say this: We're always going to be in a state of learning, unlearning and relearning with each passing year. The trick is to hold on to the things that make you happy and keep striving to make your own path yours. There will always be someone or something that's stronger, faster or better than you. When we try to put out the best that we have to offer to the world, that should be enough to validate our success.